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Three hob ferret kits available two polecats and one silver off working stock well handled.kindly email for more info and pics
Bonded sisters Miniature Pom Pom & Miniature Night Light have an intense, sisterly relationship. They groom 1 another and you may sometimes find them fast asleep with their arms around 1 another; yet in the morning, they chase each other around. Both adorable as buttons! https://larabbits.org/adoption-application/
A bunny with spirit, Miss Understood came from the streets and learned how to use her little fists. She needs a special home where people think having a rabbit around who threatens to tear their heads off is just unbearably wonderful. She doesn't actually bite people unless cornered and mishandled. Lately, she's even let people pet her! And as you can see, she's stunning and looks like a Russia...
Wouldn't you love a bouncy little rabbit to spice up your life? We promise that if you adopt Cori, your home will never be the same! https://larabbits.org/adoption-application/
Sweet as a button, Dwarf Dutch Ellie has potential as a girlfriend with the right rabbit. If you d like to set up a date with your rabbit, fill out our application and ask for her. https://larabbits.org/adoption-application/
Xoxie (pron. Zoksee ) is 1 of those strong, gorgeous women rabbits we see often in rescue. She s learned to be tough to survive. But unlike some, she hasn t turned violent not terribly. She s more of a lover and a snorter. https://larabbits.org/adoption-application/
Extra friendly, intelligent bunny Swiss Miss was found in the Nice Outdoors, which is why her exquisite chocolate coat is all sunstreaked. When she's done changing out of her summer coat, she will be white and chocolate only. But it's her outgoing, active self we fell in love with, and you will, too. https://larabbits.org/adoption-application/
This round, marshmallow-like sweetheart has bladder sludge, caused by his body excreting so much calcium that it accumulates in his bladder. It's a painful condition that may or may not require on-and-off veterinarian care indefinitely. Sometimes, when rabbits get more attention and exercise, they can discontinue fluids and veterinarian visits for awhile. For other rabbits, the problem continue...
Sweet little Miniature Penguin was part of a petting zoo, left outside for children to pick up, then abandoned by the petting zoo when they had too many rabbits. She's understandably afraid of people now, but she will learn to trust again. She's a quiet little bun, and just needs love and gentle protection. https://larabbits.org/adoption-application/
Abandoned in a baseball field, Snortstop (formerly Shortstop) used to hang out under the bleachers to watch the game. On occasion, she would venture onto the outfield. Her husbun and babies were killed by predators, but we managed to save her. She's a smart rabbit and will come up to you once she learns to trust you. https://larabbits.org/adoption-application/
A gorgeous young Dutch/Silver Marten/Dwarf blend, Mika has her formative years ahead. She's a shy, young rabbit now, will warm up to anyone who puts the time in to gently coax her out of her shell. Meanwhile, she's a stunning rabbit. https://larabbits.org/adoption-application/ https://larabbits.org/adoption-application/
Despite being a attractive agouti fellow, Snorticus Rex II has the unfortunate habit of snorting up a storm when he thinks you're about to pick him up. Guess why he needs an experienced adopter? If you actually do pick him up, he might actually act on his threats. Not to worry, 1 does not have to pick up rabbits with great house habits, as a rule. https://larabbits.org/adoption-application/
We rescued Smudge next to a busy intersection where someone dumped him, hoping no doubt that he would be hit by a car (!). Keep this little darling safe indoors; he isn't easy to catch!
Snowball was just rescued from DEATH ROW at East Valley Animal rescue shelter! He is a healthy dwarf hotot mixture who loves to eat vegetables and explore. He needs a loving home and a wife to boot! Here's his story on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Bunny-World-Foundation-125339407504490/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1198521603519593 Not much is known about Snowball's life before the shelter, ...
Ashley and Archie are the perfect bundle of sassy and lovable. Ashley (the black bunny) is the boss lady, always keeping an eye and ears out, no 1 picks on this lady. She is also a sweetheart who likes a back rub, and will probably be the 1st one to warm up to you. However you need to earn her trust before you are allowed to pick her up without protests. Archie has the softest fur you can imagi...
Beautiful orange bunny boy who developed an eye infection and had to have his left eye removed. He should be ok from now on. Please email us or apply for him at www.larabbits.org for more info.
Our little Lionheaded girl looks like a piece of candy! She's much admired so we expect her to be adopted quickly--please get your application in at https://larabbits.org/adoption-application/ soon. Bit O' Honey is also featured on the blog www.beautyandourbeasts.com--check it out!
Things one and 2 have some issues. Thing 1, the brown and white Dutch boy, developed head tilt. With treatment, he got better; then he relapsed, and then he got better again. Now as you see, he's pretty nice! Sometimes his head tilts a bit too forward, but not always these days. He comes with his Spot X sister, Thing 2. They have chasing sessions, but they still love each other terribly and he ...
Russette came from a group of 4 full grown rabbits dumped in a box outside an animal rescue shelter. She's afraid of people and may always be. Also, she likes to boss other rabbits around! She's going to be hard to find a home for, needs a special human. Maybe someone who likes her distinctive. Castor Rex X look?
Look at those big brown eyes! She's a beauty. Annika came from a group of 4 fully grown rabbits dumped in a box outside an animal rescue shelter. She's afraid of people and may always be. Also, she likes to boss other rabbits around! She's going to be hard to find a home for, needs a special human.
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